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About me

I noticed that lots of people have these so i guess i should too

1. I am Puerto Rican, African American, German, Irish, and a smidge Native American

2. I’m a nerd.

3. I love the Batfamily

4. I idolize Stephanie Brown

5. I want to be a comic book/ novel writer some day

6. I love seaweed paper and kimbap (i dunno if i spelled that right)

7. My aunt is Korean

8. I am a major supporter of Gay rights 

9. One of my favorite disney movies is Lilo and Stitch

10. I am a morning person. MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

11. I have never been kissed

12. I know the future world dominator

13. If you wanna know more about me, shoot me a message because i will be happy to answer and whenever i see something in my ask box i pretty much spaz with happiness.